About Us
Committed to providing for underserved children in our community through
caring outreach and dedicated service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources such as clothes, toys, gifts, school supplies and other necessities to underprivileged, disadvantaged or homeless children in need of assistance with their most basic needs and their most desired wishes. We are dedicated to serving needy children in underprivileged communities by providing resources that financially challenged families can not afford on their own. We strive to provide relief for struggling families in financial crisis and lessen the burden of poverty that children in difficult circumstances bear day to day.   Through the support of a generous and giving community, we bring hope and encouragement to children who need to believe in a community that cares!

Brightening Spirits

Communities That Care is invigorated by the notion that one small act of service or one simple kindness can brighten someone's day and lift their spirit to bring a new outlook to any circumstance.

From the Heart

Communities That Care was born in response to a call from the heart.  A heart that desired to bring great  joy to someone who needed to have their spirits lifted and belief restored.  It was the mere joy of giving that inspired the mission and is the foundation of all its efforts.

Fun Facts

Children served
Gifts provided

Proud Recipient
Advocate Good Shepherd and Star 105.5 UNSUNG Hero Award

We are so honored to have been recognized by Advocate Good Shepherd and Star105.5 and to be recipients of the UNSUNG Hero Award.  This award is presented to outstanding volunteer contributions that make a difference in our community.  Your votes made this happen and as a result, our organization was awarded a grant to support our mission.  Thanks Advocate Good Shepard and Star 105.5!